Finding Flowers

Finding Flowers

Sara Kennerley

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Young journalist Mila Mae Jensen receives a defeating blow when diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Burdened by fatigue and chronic pain, she's fraught with despair and frustration.

Joyce, a member of the women's group at church, checks in on Mila with a grace-filled house call. Having walked through her own dark valley, Joyce takes Mila under her wing and teaches her a transformational outlook called glory-gazing, a new way of seeing God in the everyday happenings of her life.

Job loss and tragedy in her neighborhood springboard Mila into further dependency on God, testing her faith in ways she'd never anticipated. Will Mila sink further into despondency or arise with determination to trust God, despite her circumstances?

And who is this unexpected knight in shining armor who shows up in one of the toughest moments of her life?

Finding Flowers tenderly carries the reader through emotional highs and lows while testifying to a God who has good things prepared for those who trust Him, take Him at His Word, and keep pressing on through the pain.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 218

About the Author:

Sara Kennerley is an active wordsmith seeking to glorify God after witnessing His redemptive power and life-giving promises of faith. When not writing, she delights in the role of motherhood, nurturing her two sweethearts as they grow in their knowledge of Christ Jesus and experience the world around them.