Heading Home:<br><small>A Latino Immigrant's Testimony to the Faithfulness of God</small>

Heading Home:
A Latino Immigrant's Testimony to the Faithfulness of God

Carlos Rivera

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A tale of violence, suffering, and redemption, Heading Home follows the life of Carlos Rivera from his time as a young man in El Salvador to his new beginning in Canada.

As a member of a guerrilla cell in the El Salvador insurgent movement, Rivera witnesses the chaos and oppression of the ruling regime. After nearly dying at the hands of the government, he flees with his family to Guatemala and Uruguay before settling in Canada. His journey is fraught with danger, heartache, and temptation as he experiences the consequences of sin and the power of forgiveness.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 216

About the Author:

Carlos Rivera was born into an impoverished agricultural community in the Cuscatlán region of the Central American nation of El Salvador. He lived through the atrocities of that nation’s civil war before leaving the crime and poverty of his homeland and immigrating to Canada. Eventually joined by his family, Carlos began to build a new life in his new home. He and his wife currently live in Manitoba.