Let's Be Blunt

Let's Be Blunt:
What's Really the Point of Christianity

Evan Oxner

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Is the point of following Jesus simply getting to heaven? Do we put our faith in God and just wait for the day when we get to leave this world behind and find peace? Is Christianity nothing more than the practice of staying faithful long enough that we are on the right side of the fence when we die? Something just doesn’t seem right about that. The God that we see in the Exodus is bigger than the gods of the world. The work of Jesus changes more than just one’s eternal final destination. The practice of discipleship and following Jesus is more meaningful than simply keeping us safe.

Maybe the questions you’ve asked or the problems you’ve observed with the Church don’t reveal doubts or unfaithfulness. Maybe they express a craving for what God really wants to do that goes beyond the common culture and teachings of the Church. It’s not that the Church is wrong in everything it says or teaches, but there is something more important we need to embrace for the rest of it to actually makes sense. Christianity isn’t about checking boxes and going to heaven—it’s about being restored to the image of God.

Let’s Be Blunt is not written for timid people seeking easy answers. Evan Oxner wrestles with hard questions and invites you to join him in relentlessly pursuing truth. Be prepared. He doesn’t settle for cliché responses, and you may not always agree with his conclusions. But don’t be surprised if you come away with fresh insights and stronger faith.

— Mark Gorveatte, Crossroads District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, Author of Lead Like Wesley

If you were to combine the brazen bluntness of the Apostle Peter with a hint of C.S. Lewis and Gregory Boyd, you might come up with something similar to this. Evan Oxner isn’t worried about ruffling feathers and kicking up dirt as he journeys through the grand narrative of Scripture, prodding you to evaluate the accuracy of your current picture of the Gospel.

— Joel Gorveatte, Lead Pastor, Moncton Wesleyan Church

Evan is a straight shooter with a passionate heart for God’s purpose. He writes with intensity and refuses to avoid the hard questions. I am confident his perspective will help many in their faith journey.

— Dr. L.D. Buckingham, CEO, Buckingham Leadership Institute

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About the Author:

A pastor for almost ten years, Evan Oxner has spent his entire life in the Church. He leads a growing congregation with penetrating raw insights from the Word of God.