Prime 3

Prime 3:
The Quest for the Godhead

Jason R. Elliott

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In Prime 3: The Quest for the Godhead, author Jason R. Elliott brings decades of research to bear on the vast and complex topic of the triune Godhead—one God in three persons, with corporeal and incorporeal properties under the power of a single divine essence.

God’s immeasurable love in the lives of Christians everywhere has led His people to experience Him personally and relationally. Incomprehensible to believers is the fact that God foresaw humanity’s downfall before creation yet preordained their acquittal from eternal damnation through the death of Himself. How could this be?

Many adherents of the Christian faith have also long pondered how God through Christ, in physical form, was able to break the barriers of the material world when He appeared to His disciples in the upper room after the doors were locked. Others have wondered at some of God’s most puzzling attributes, such as the irrelevance of time to an eternal, immutable, omnipotent God.

Prime 3 tackles these mysteries, and many others.

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Page Count: 280

About the Author:

Jason R. Elliott was born in British Columbia and has resided in Burlington, Ontario for forty years. He has earned a college diploma as a physiotherapist assistant. Among the highlights of his life is an overseas mission to St. Vincent and a Christian tour of Israel, Greece, and Turkey. Jason was reborn into the Kingdom of God in 1995.