Say What?

Say What?:
A Fresh Look at the Great Stories of Jesus

Ted Creen

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Prepare to experience the parables of Jesus in a fresh, new way!

Think about the significant lessons that have impacted your life. How many of them involve images or stories? If you’re like me, such stories and images stick with you, and they often arise from what I call “say what” moments: when an insight or truth grips you in a way you’ll never forget.

Jesus was a master storyteller. He had the amazing ability to covey deep spiritual insights using stories and images drawn from the lives of everyday people. We call these stories parables, and they certainly evoked many “say what” moments in those hearing them. But for us today, those parables have often dimmed through their familiarity. In this book, we will recapture the original impact of those parables by:

  • revisiting the context in which those stories were told,
  • using those insights to take a fresh look at the points Jesus was making,
  • and working through a series of probing questions to apply what we’ve learned to our lives today.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 120

About the Author:

Ted Creen is a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, currently serving as the pastoral coordinator of Huron Feathers Presbyterian Centre at Sauble Beach, Ontario. Ted and his wife Lorraine reside in Owen Sound. They have one daughter, Sarah, who is married to Michael and they have two children, Grace and Jonah. Ted has written a number of books, including Get a Life!, based on the beatitudes of Jesus, and Myrrh is Mine, an illustrated fable to provide healing and hope for those who are grieving at Christmas.