About Word Alive Press

Word Alive Press prides itself on being accessible and providing excellent customer service. That means that you reach real people who are genuinely interested in seeing your manuscript come to life and have an impact on your readers.

So, how did we get started? Word Alive Inc. began as a distributor over thirty years ago and today is one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of Christian books, entertainment, and giftware in Canada. With Word Alive’s relationship with publishers in mind, authors would often approach the company looking either for a publisher or a distributor for their book. Seeing the high calibre of these manuscripts, and the lack of interest in them from traditional publishers, an idea was formed. Word Alive Press was conceived in a format that can best be described in today’s vernacular as a “hybrid” publisher—a company that harnesses the power of conventional royalty-based publishing and distribution, infusing into it a new partnership approach.

This nugget of history is a major distinction between our services and those of any other publishing company. Since our inception, sales, marketing, and distribution have been at the forefront of our growth. We understand the Canadian Christian market, and our authors benefit from that expertise. On June 1 of 2016, Word Alive Inc. (the distributor) merged with US-based Anchor Distributors. This new North American strategy directly benefits our Canadian authors as their books will now be stocked and available to the U.S. market, as well as Canada.

Word Alive Press remains an independently-owned Canadian Christian company.

For more information about Word Alive Press, please visit our website.