Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit:<br><small> The Incredible True Story of an Unlikely Follower of Jesus</small>

Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit:
The Incredible True Story of an Unlikely Follower of Jesus

Carol Carley

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This is the true story of how a beaten and bruised twelve-year-old girl escaped the violent abuse of her alcoholic father to become a bold, victorious ambassador for Jesus Christ. In these candid reflections, author Carol Carley shares how the power of God transformed tragedy into triumph.

If you find yourself completely happy, living an unremarkable and predictable life as a Christian, and if you doubt whether miracles still happen, or whether you can get to know God in a deeper and more personal way, there’s no reason to open this book.

But if you dare to believe that your faith can become exhilarating, that you can be intimately guided by the Holy Spirit, and that God can heal your past and empower you to overcome the chaos and challenges, this book will help you explore those possibilities.

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Page Count: 144

About the Author:

Carol Carley was a reporter and lifestyle editor for the Moose Jaw Times-Herald. She was nominated for the 1991 National Award of Excellence for her in-depth research, content, and style of writing.