Heaven on Earth:<br><small>Church Mouse Musings at Historic St. Peter's</small>

Heaven on Earth:
Church Mouse Musings at Historic St. Peter's

Sandra Voelker

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Finley's Tale: Book Two

Heaven on Earth, the second book in the Finley’s Tale series, brings to light more amusing adventures and further intriguing developments at Historic St. Peter’s, recorded by church mouse Finley Newcastle.

Finley and the entire mice village perpetually observe the anything-but-boring church people, some odd shenanigans, an underground discovery, church vandalism, and much, much more. Their top priority, as always, is "Safety First".

Pastor Osterhagen and his family walk by faith through the church year by doing what they do best: confidently proclaiming and trusting in Jesus Christ, their Lord and Saviour, for the forgiveness of sins, and relying on God’s daily gifts of abundant grace and protection.


“A charming ‘tail’ revealing a church’s congregational life through the sharp eyes of its own church mice. A delightful read!”

—Mount Olive Lutheran Church’s Monday Night Book Group
Rochester, Minnesota

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 216

About the Author:

Sandra Voelker dubs herself as “a qualified church insider,” being both a pastor’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. Having lived many years in Minnesota, she currently resides and writes in Windsor, Ontario, where she is the organist (among many other things) at her church. She has four daughters and four grandchildren. Sandra holds tightly to her wishes, dreams, and a lifelong collection of happenings, heartaches, and humour, which are the meat, potatoes, and gravy of day-to-day church life.