Though I Walk:<br><small>A Novel</small>

Though I Walk:
A Novel

Dale Harris

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2020 Braun Book Awards Winner (Fiction).

The truths of the past are often the hardest to face.

When Grace Stewart’s fiancé Stephen leaves Halifax in 1937 to pursue his dream of becoming an archaeologist in Greece, neither of them expect that war will soon engulf the world, keeping them apart for nearly ten years. As Stephen gets caught up in the resistance movement on the island of Crete, Grace immerses herself in the war effort at home, held up by her faith and praying for his safe return.

Though her prayers are eventually answered and she and Stephen are finally reunited, he is never able to speak of the things he saw in Greece. After his sudden death in 1967, however, Grace discovers among his effects the journal he kept during that dark time… a journal which allows her to, at long last, piece together the unimaginable story of the man she thought she knew.

 "If you want world history, ancient archaeology, Greek mythology, and narrative theology all intertwined in a drama of human relationship, don’t miss this thinking person’s novel. By masterfully weaving together narratives separated in time and geography, Harris reminds us that God is faithfully at work in the midst of heartbreak and loss, invisibly ordering the visible messiness of our lives to further his mysterious purposes. And he does it with gracious glimpses of his presence with us through our pain and lament."

—David Guretzki, PhD, Executive VP and Resident Theologian, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

"An exquisite tale of love, longing, and loss, set against the coastlines of Nova Scotia and the Aegean. Harris deftly intermingles Greek myth with the concreteness of love and the horrors of war. A stunning first novel."

—J. Richard Middleton, Author of A New Heaven and a New Earth, Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College

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Page Count: 368

About the Author:

Dale Harris is an author, pastor, poet, and songwriter. He writes regularly about faith and spirituality on his blog, terra incognita, and explores the deep truths of Christian theology on his YouTube channel, Three Minute Theology. He taught English literature in St. Paul, Alberta and studied theology in Caronport, Saskatchewan before going into full-time ministry as a pastor in the city of Oshawa, Ontario. This is his first novel.