Bring Each Other Home:<br><small> A Caregiver's Journey</small>

Bring Each Other Home:
A Caregiver's Journey

Angelina Fast-Vlaar

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“Walk with him” was the heavenly command the author received after her beloved mate was diagnosed with dementia. She tried to obey to the best of her ability, not knowing how long and draining the journey would be. Let this caregiver take you along on her trek through a puzzling maze of challenges where she receives assistance, encouragement, and precious “God moments”—God’s hand in the details. This personal saga offers inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment to those caring for, or interested in, someone with a long-term illness.

"If you are in a place of care for someone living with dementia, PTSD, or Alzheimer’s, and want to understand and love them, this is a great read. The descriptive words and word pictures used by Angelina are filled with human love, faith, and frailty as she shares real life with the reader. My pastor’s heart has been informed and blessed."

—Pastor Art VanSlageren

"If you were touched by The Notebook, you must read Bring Each Other Home—an absolute love story! It is a rich tapestry of deep, heartfelt, human emotion. The pages are filled with the author’s precious soul-feeding poetic writing as she masterfully intertwines her personal account of navigating the terrain of stroke and dementia/Alzheimer’s with the numerous “train stops” throughout her journey."

—Karen Thompson
Wellness Coordinator

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 192

About the Author:

Angelina Fast-Vlaar is a retired college teacher and mother of five. She is also the author of The Valley of Cancer: A Journey of Comfort and Hope (Essence Publishing, 1999; Word Alive Press, 2008) Seven Angels for Seven Days (Castle Quay Books/Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2005) Finding Shelter: A Child’s Memoir of WWII (Word Alive Press, 2018)