Joyful Finances:<br><small>You Were Made to Prosper</small>

Joyful Finances:
You Were Made to Prosper

Ryan J. Bondy

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The Joyful Series:Book Two

Do you work endless hours only to feel like there just doesn’t seem to be enough money at the end of the month? Have you ever felt under attack in the area of your finances?

There is a war raging, and if you live in North America today, you are most certainly in the middle of it. While we may not see military vehicles and armed soldiers on every corner, realize that an army is fighting against you every day.

You’re not alone. But make no mistake about it: God designed you for prosperity and abundance.

Join Ryan Bondy as he shares from his thirty years of experience in business and investing. Learn how he and his wife Megan embraced a fresh perspective on life, love, and relationships to enjoy lives of joyful finances that previously seemed to elude them. Joyful Finances will introduce you to concepts that are sure to expose your heart’s deepest desires. Don’t allow life to steal one more minute of joy.

"In this, the second book of his Joyful Series, Ryan skillfully presents a multitude of financial principles that he has gleaned from personal experience and extended reading."

—Dr. Claude Page, Associate Pastor, Board President of ACM Ministries

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 208

About the Author:

Ryan J. Bondy is the author of Joyful Wealth, the first book in The Joyful Series. Born into a loving family in southwestern Ontario, Canada, Ryan was raised with the spirit of an entrepreneur. Ryan shares insight into how he blazed his own path into financial success. Together with his wife Megan, they have three children.