Unborn. Untold.

Unborn. Untold.:
True Stories of Abortion and God's Healing Grace

Ruth Coghill with Sara Davison

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2018 Word Award Winner of the Debra Fieguth Social Justice Award

Confused. Scared. Pressured. Alone. That's what so many of the women and men in these true stories felt when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Many believed they had no alternative but to abort their child, while others made the difficult decision to choose life. All live with the consequences of that decision. And all have experienced the healing grace and mercy of God.

Their stories will touch your heart, expand your ability to offer compassion to all affected by abortion, and provide practical tools and guidance through the healing process.

The global abortion epidemic demands a response of support, encouragement, and grace from those on all sides of the issue. Only then will those in crisis pregnancy situations feel equipped and empowered to choose life. And only then can every person affected by abortion let go of the past and move forward into a future filled with healing and hope.

“The narratives in this book are raw, honest, inspirational and devastating. To hold a life’s fate in your hands can be nothing else. These are the true stories of people who have been caught up in the life and death battle known as ‘choice’ in our modern world. These are the voices we desperately need to hear from as the abortion industry cranks forward with little regard for human life, born or pre-born. I sincerely thank the authors of these stories who dared to expose themselves to the world in the hope of reaching out to someone else who may be considering abortion, or who is dealing with the destruction that abortion leaves in its wake. Your bravery will save lives. Raw, honest, inspirational and devastating. That’s what you’ll find in these pages. A beautiful read.”

—Laura Klassen
Human Rights Activist, Founder and Director of CHOICE42

“This book should be in every crisis pregnancy center, readily available for anyone who is contemplating abortion or has had one. Unborn. Untold. is a testament to God’s deliverance and healing power, and the beauty of the life He gives.”

—Brad Burke MD
Author, An MD Examines series

“If there hadn’t been a law against abortion when I was born, I wouldn’t be here today. I was conceived in stress; I don’t really know who my father was, but I caused a lot of problems for my birth mother in arriving as an unplanned pregnancy into her body, invading her future. So much so that she felt she had no choice but to end the pregnancy and attempted an abortion four times.

"Somehow through the goodness of God my life was spared. So my heart is not only for the unborn children but for the women who feel they have no support, no resources, no options. I long for them to receive the message that, whatever happened in the past or whatever they face in the present, God’s grace is sufficient. There is hope and there is healing, and I pray they find both in the pages of this book.”

—Lorna Dueck
Crossroads CEO & Host of Context, Beyond the eadlines

“Ruth Coghill has provided a voice for many walking the post-abortion journey, enabling them to share their stories of how, in the aftermath of loss and anguish, they were able to find hope and healing. Unborn. Untold. is a heart-wrenching must-read for all those whose lives have been impacted by abortion.”

—Lois Benham-Smith
Executive Director of Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

“This book is long overdue, as it will reveal the reality of the fear, pain, trauma, and deep-rooted guilt and loss of abortion. The brave women and men who have shared their heartfelt stories with honesty and vulnerability are to be commended for speaking out and revealing the horrific truth of their experiences. The circumstances that led them to abort and the consequences of taking a life cannot be ignored, and are brought to light in a heart-wrenching, incredible way, story after story. This book touched my heart and I am overwhelmed with grief more than ever by the genocide of the unborn and the women who felt there was no other way for them. This read will motivate you to do more to fight for life and believe that you can make a difference. If you have had an abortion and are struggling with guilt and need to find forgiveness and grace, you will find it in these pages."

—Cathy Ciaramitaro
President of Windsor Life Centre, Pastor and Teacher,
Co-leader of Open Bible Faith Fellowship

“More than ever, these stories must be shared! I am so grateful for the courage and honesty of these beautiful and brave women and men in opening up their souls and sharing with us their heartache, their healing, and, most importantly, their hope. Thanks also to Ruth Coghill for compiling these inspiring stories and sharing them with an often disillusioned world. Please do yourself a favour—pull up a chair, grab a box of Kleenex, and get ready to be inspired and blessed. Even more importantly, do someone else a favour and pick up an extra copy or two and pass this priceless book along to anyone you know who has either experienced, or has ever considered, an abortion. These stories will help all who read them recognize the beauty of choosing life, and illuminate to all the unquestionable power of forgiveness.”

—Rev. Jeff Bell
Trentside Baptist Church, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

“Truth meets grace in this beautiful unfolding of hearts poured out, recounting God’s healing and redemption in the lives of those impacted by abortion. Thankful to have this book as a reference to minister hope to each client I work with whose life has been touched by this all too familiar pain. I look forward to each one discovering God’s healing grace through the pages of Unborn. Untold.

—Tanya Glanzman
LPC, My Father’s Daughter Ministries

“In all the noise and opinions on the abortion issue today, Ruth Coghill has done the important work in this book of letting us hear directly from those who have been through an abortion, have been pressured to have one, or have been affected by the choice of someone close to them who has made that choice. Their voices and stories need to be heard. A necessary read for our times.”

—Pastor Tim Gibb
Senior Pastor, Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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About the Authors:

Ruth Coghill is an international speaker, author and founder of Words To Inspire - Lifelong Empowerment From God’s Word. She travels globally to share her love for God and His word. Ruth is married to Bob and together they have four married children and thirteen grandchildren. They reside in the Kawarthas in Canada.

Sara Davison is the award-winning author of The Watcher, The Seven Trilogy, and The Night Guardians Series. Numerous books she has edited have also won awards. Sara lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children.