When Gay Comes Home

When Gay Comes Home:
Learning to Build Bridges

Wilna van Beek

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When a person tells you they’re gay, what is your first reaction? How do you “see” them? What kind of “glasses” do you have on? Are you comfortably able to speak with confidence, using the right language, when this topic comes up? In When Gay Comes Home, you will learn about the redemptive power of God and it will guide you in how to put on your Jesus glasses, helping you to communicate in a loving and respectful way, thus building bridges instead of walls.

Study Guide Included. Recommended for parents, youth pastors, and teachers to educate and equip children from the age of nine and up. Also includes a section specifically developed for pastors.

Never before have we faced such challenges in our culture with respect to issues of our sexuality and gender identity. Wilna van Beek is a voice of wisdom, strength, and courage in the desert. I have not seen this kind of profoundly important information presented so succinctly in any other format. Simplifying and bringing the confusion into an understandable place of dialogue and support, she has captured both the heart of the matter and the challenge of our culture. Families facing unexpected news of a child who “comes out,” or someone dealing with their own internal battle, will find real answers as they wrestle through this emotionally charged topic. Wilna’s bravery, character, and calling are for such a time as this and I thank God for her!

—Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Co-Host of The 700 Club Canada and Host of Laura-Lynn & Friends
Author of Relentless Redemption

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Page Count: 272

About the Author:

Wilna van Beek is a speaker and author who has developed several resources which are available on her website. She has been sharing her amazing story of redemption and transformation, after living a homosexual life for years. Wilna has been speaking with large audiences since 2009, equipping and educating hundreds of pastors and leaders on the topic of homosexuality. She carries dual citizenship (Canadian/South African) and currently resides in Saskatchewan. She owns a very busy dog and cat grooming salon and considers her three wonderful dogs to be part of her family.