You Are a Miracle Workbook: <br><small>Rebuilding After Childhood Sexual Abuse</small>

You Are a Miracle Workbook:
Rebuilding After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Samantha Thomas, M.S.W., R.S.W.

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Does your past continue to haunt you with nightmares, people you can’t please, people who continue to reject you, habits you can’t break, emotions that seem too intense to tolerate? How about triggers that make you shiver in public places, experiencing feelings of guilt and shame, anger towards God and lacking belief in your faith? Do you want to enjoy the best life possible? You Are A Miracle Workbook integrates spirituality in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the treatment of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This treatment approach will help launch you on a healing journey to reclaim your innocence as you anchor your heart in God’s love!  This self-help curriculum can be used by pastors, professional counselors and adult female victims of childhood sexual abuse to help guide women on their healing journey. You will learn strategies to stop nightmares, reduce emotional distress of triggers, learn assertive communication, implement healthy boundaries, become independent, stop blaming yourself, be free of guilt and shame, build your self-esteem, adopt a victorious mindset, and walk with strength and humility in God’s destiny for your life! Most importantly, You Are A Miracle, will create an atmosphere for miracles and you will see God transform your life in a unique way so that you can testify that You Are A Miracle!

 “…… It offers hands-on practical techniques for women to work through their own personal healing journey."

LeeAnn Furlotte, BSW, RSW, MEdC, CCC

 “… God. You Are A Miracle Workbook provides Christian survivors with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ways in which their abuse experience has affected their spiritual growth …”Nicole Tremblay M.S.W, R.S.W 

You Are A Miracle Workbook is a ‘must have’ resource for professional counselors and their clients who have been victimized by the trauma of sexual abuse….” Hugh McIntosh, Senior Counselor

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Page Count: 144

About the Author:

Samantha Thomas works as a clinical social worker with the Canadian Forces Department of National Defence providing counselling services to military members and their families. She is the founder of Miraculum Counselling Services. She has work for several years with female survivors of sexual abuse to help them reclaim their innocence and their life!