The Quest

The Quest

Karlissa J.

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Tales of the Diversity: Book One

Captain Ctzo starts his pirate-hunting quest with a less than impressive ship and a crew that can’t seem to work together. On top of that, most of them aren’t the skilled warriors they’ll need to be for the journey ahead.

Still, he has something going for him: a spiritual helper at his side and a diverse collection of crewmates, each with something unique to offer. As new challenges arrive, both his vessel and his comrades prove to be more than appearances suggest.

The realm through which they journey is a domain of sea monsters, a spooky sickness, and a host of unique creatures with their own stories to tell. And their worldwide adventure is just beginning.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 320

About the Author:

Karlissa resides in Fort St. John, British Columbia with her husband Jason and two kids. She travelled extensively from a young age and into early adulthood, and finds inspiration from the places she’s visited.