Abusive Submission

Abusive Submission:
Overcoming Trauma by the Grace of God

Joy Deimert

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When Joy discovers with horror that her four children are being sexually abused by their daddy, their life is thrown into turmoil. Caught in the web of child welfare, social workers, police, psychologists, and years of court cases, Joy must watch—helpless—as she is legally forced to hand her precious little ones over to Daddy for visitations and more abuse.

Despite questioning where God is in this nightmare, Joy’s faith gives her strength to fight. To protect her little ones.

Finally free of the abusive relationship, Joy and her four children are safe as a new man enters the picture. A man who loves the Lord, who desires to go into the ministry. This man takes an interest in Joy and her children. Will Joy let her guard down, to trust again? Will the statistics about choosing a second abuser come true?

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Page Count: 154

About the Author:

Joy Deimert is a gal who is rarely seen without her high heels. Even though her husband thought she was a city slicker, during their long-awaited first dance, he said he had been struggling for weeks to ask her up for a dance and Joy shocked him by saying, “If you think I’d ever ask you for a dance, you’re kidding yourself, because I’m just a simple country girl who wasn’t raised that way!” Being raised on a farm introduced Joy to strong ethics, the necessity to work together, and the value of family.