After Miigaadiwin

After Miigaadiwin

Anna Raddon

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Word Alive Press 2017 Free Publishing Contest Winner (Fiction).

“After the Immortal invasion, they take over every nation on earth and set themselves up as rulers without any accountability! I'd call that a pretty successful invasion," Tom summed up.

Gizhaa was shaking his head involuntarily, but all he said was, "I've never heard this before.”

Nearly a thousand years after Earth has recovered from a catastrophic war, the conquering Immortals rule the world, demanding annual tribute in exchange for prospering rains. But not everyone is happy with the system. When siblings Gizhaa and Inaa accompany their father on a historic diplomatic journey to the capital, they find themselves at the centre of a plot to restore an ancient government.

Someone doesn’t want their journey to succeed, however, and they are soon entwined in political espionage. They must decide if they will help to overthrow the Immortals or trust their own gifts, which warn them of great danger ahead.

When it seems Inaa’s heart is compromised, leading her into a reckless relationship, Gizhaa wonders if he will lose her. But how much will it cost him… and the world?

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 192

About the Author:

Anna Raddon set out to write a novel at the age of nine. Decades later, inspired by great Canadian authors, Raddon decided to write about the places she knew. Awe-inspiring Canadian landscapes from the shores of Lake Huron (where she resides alongside an Anishinabe First Nation) to the edges of the Arctic (where she summered in a remote village) became the backdrop of After Miigaadiwin. Raddon imagines an irresistibly hopeful future where redemption and healing are tangible, where people and cultures honour each other and their Creator, and where a simple gift can change the world.