ALS Meets Christ:<br><small>Life Lessons from Surviving Lou Gehrig's Disease since 2005</small>

ALS Meets Christ:
Life Lessons from Surviving Lou Gehrig's Disease since 2005

Carol Ferguson

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Three little letters that will change your life forever.

Lou Gehrig, also known as the Iron Horse, had an outstanding record in his years as a professional baseball player: 2,130 consecutive games played, 493 home runs, and 2,721 hits. All of this came before he was diagnosed with ALS at the age of thirty-six.

In his farewell speech to his fans and teammates, he made a startling comment, “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement."

ALS became known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease because of his positive way of dealing with it. He died two years after his diagnosis, but he set the bar high for those living with ALS today.

Fourteen years ago, Carol Ferguson was diagnosed with ALS, a disease with a life expectancy of two to three years. In ALS Meets Christ, she shares her story about how the Lord has kept her alive, and content, in spite of this disease.

You, or your loved one, may be struggling with fear and discouragement after a diagnosis, but you are not alone in your struggles. The Lord wants to walk this journey with you; He understands your pain and suffering, and he wants you to set your mind on Him. In ALS Meets Christ, Carol offers encouragement and practical advice for those who are currently dealing with various challenges of ALS and trying to learn how to cope.

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About the Author:

Carol Ferguson is the mother of five children, and has twenty-seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. She, along with her husband Dick, spent most of their married life in ministry.

Carol moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, after her husband’s death in 1999 and became the Prayer Pastor and Seniors Pastor in her church there.

She was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and retired from ministry when ALS took away her speech. Despite her diagnosis, she continues to live her life by the grace of God and even took part in ALS walks for as long as she was able.