Andie, with an ie:<br><small> A Novel</small>

Andie, with an ie:
A Novel

Crys Brunham

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Andie had no idea that when her mother left her and her brothers at such a young age, it would have such a profound effect on the rest of their lives—but apparently it did.

Now all grown up, the siblings find their broken little family is closer than ever, with one exception: Andie has found a new life in Jesus, much to the chagrin of her brothers. Struggling to share her newfound beliefs with her brothers, Andie feels trapped between the world she once knew and the new one she’s chosen. She worries if her fumbling new faith will send them further away from the God she knows and loves.

Then, when not one, but two potential male companions enter her life, Andie faces some life-altering questions. How does dating for a new Christian work? How much does age matter in a relationship? Will she ever be able to overcome her aversion to children? And what role does God play in all of it?

Join Andie as she navigates her way through her relationships with God, her brothers, and her love interests, and then as a family crisis brings them all together in the end.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 200

About the Author:

Crys Brunham got her creative start in writing by skimming the backs of books in high school and then writing full-page essays on what she read, with her teachers never the wiser. She also nearly failed grade one because she just refused to learn how to read. Years later, when her own children were small and napping, Crys wrote about the single dating life she never had, as she had met her (now) husband at only fourteen years old. Stubborn, witty, and flawed, her characters reflect a little bit of someone we all know and love in our lives.