Anywhere, Anytime, Any Cost:<br><small>Can I Trust God with My Zip Code</small>

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Cost:
Can I Trust God with My Zip Code

A. Jean Barsness

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As a young adult, I was challenged with obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. A decision changed the direction of my life when one night I surrendered everything to GOD. I confirmed the commitment with my signature scribbled on a small card with the words “Anywhere, Anytime, Any cost.” I would trust Him even with my zip code.

What about the cost? I had no idea that it would be so severe and the price would be so high. Believing we lived in the safest place on Earth, our hearts and lives were shattered when my husband was kidnapped and stabbed to death in Panama.

I wondered, ‘Once I’ve been broken, can I ever be whole again?’

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About the Author:

A. Jean Barsness has a life time of missions experience as a career missionary, Professor of Missions, International Trainer and co-founder of CrossTraining Global, a one-year missions equipping program. Jean is a mentor, a Bible study teacher, missions consultant and an international conference speaker. She has a M.A. in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Missiology. Jean and her husband make their home in Calgary, Canada. They have a blended family of five with grandchildren and great grandchildren.