Battle for Resurgence

Battle for Resurgence

Isaac Hiscox

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Redemption City Archive: Book One

For a long time now, a forbidding dark shadow has lain over the land. A few slivers of light have poked through the darkness, only to be snuffed out. But this time it is different—all over the land, men, dwarves, elves, and even dragons have started shining their light. For the statue has returned once more, with its indescribable majesty. The statue, not seen for almost a thousand years, has once again started to light up hearts and minds to things unknown. Aiming to return hope to the land, it appears to a young man who has left his home town, an elven princess far from home, a dragon hatchling spreading her wings, and finally to a dwarf, who rejects the statue with furious rage.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 240

About the Author:

Isaac Hiscox grew up near London, Ontario, and still resides there with his parents and siblings. He was seventeen years old when he started writing The Battle for Resurgence part-time. He was inspired to take up the pen after talking to a friend who was writing a book at the time. Presently, he is twenty years old, and is working two jobs and studying mechanics at college.