Be Held

Be Held:
Daily Inspiration When Facing Depression

Sue Nickel

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"A strongly positive faith-based story of supportive encouragement and hope."

—Dr. Lorne Brandt, Psychiatrist, MD, FRCP

"A daily companion full of lived understanding, hope and grace that can accompany and support you or someone you love or care for through a depressive period."

—Terresa Augustine, MA,
Programming Director, Sanctuary Mental Health Society,
Mental Health First Aid Instructor

    • Has depression pulled the rug out from under you?
    • Are you trying an antidepressant for the first time? Or another one, after the last didn’t work?
    • Are you wondering who you are and what you’re worth when you can’t do anything because you feel so awful and have for so long?
    • Do you need something to help you hang in there?

Be Held is an encouraging companion to come alongside you through difficult times. The readings begin in a simple style and become progressively more reflective as the weeks pass. This book is ideal for daily reading during the eight weeks of a medication trial, or to pick up and put down as you wish during any stage of depression.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 256

About the Author:

Sue Nickel has worked as a pediatric nurse, clinical counsellor, and conference speaker. She has more than twenty-five years of lived experience with clinical depression and works as a mental health advocate within churches and non-profit organizations. Sue lives in Vancouver with her husband and keeps very busy not only writing but caregiving and loving elderly parents and lively grandchildren.