Before They Say Goodbye: <br><small>Thoughts On How to Keep This Generation</small>

Before They Say Goodbye:
Thoughts On How to Keep This Generation

David Sawler

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According to many studies, the average church-attending young person is more likely to not stay, than to remain. Before They Say Goodbye is a proactive project to help parents, leaders, and pastors prepare their youth do deal with many of the challenges of faith which are causing this trend.


David Sawler discusses many of the reasons why so many have said they are leaving or have left. However, this book is not intended to just state obvious problems. Instead this is a book of stories, advice, and ideas on how to reach, protect, prepare, and keep this generation. Along with David's writing, twenty world youth leaders, authors, and pastors were asked to give ideas and advice on how you can deal with many of the issues raised. Also, included are many resources, books, ministries, and websites which you can find more help on many of topics. This is the book every pastor, leader, and parent should read to help prepare their youth, and those they work with, to remain strong in their faith.

This book contains contributions, ideas, and advice from church leaders, pastors, and authors from around the world including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Bermuda, Germany, and the Dominican Republic.

These leaders include Sean McDowell, Brett Ullman, Don Mann, Jim Molloy, Jeremy Postal, Mark Griffin, Mike Miller, Carey Nieuwhof, Adrian Thomas, Jack Kircher, David Wells, Marcel deRegt, Nigel Cottle, Jonathan Lambe, and many more.

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About the Author:

David Sawler is the team leader of a church starting ministry based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He spent eleven years as a youth pastor before taking on the lead role of his current church, Lighthouse, four years ago. He is the founder of the Goodbye Generation ministry, and author of the Goodbye book series. He and his wife, Shirley, have three children between the ages of thirteen and twenty.