Being Ruth:<br><small>The Beauty in Being Godly</small>

Being Ruth:
The Beauty in Being Godly

Rev. Archie Murray

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Being Believers: Book Two

Have you ever felt like your faith was being tested? Have you ever experienced the death of a loved one? The book of Ruth, found in the Old Testament, is a moving story of a sad tragedy followed by an unrelenting commitment, both human and divine. Ruth’s sadness is followed by hope deferred, yet undeterred.

Being Ruth takes a closer pastoral perspective on the shape of human expressions and relationships, the significance of names, and the consequences of men dying childless. We see Ruth, the committed daughter-in-law to Naomi, responding with grace during a difficult time in life. Although this is not your typical love story, as you allow the Scriptures to speak you’ll find a beautifully enchanting story.

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Page Count: 336

About the Author:

The Scottish author, Archie Murray, has been a believer since his early teens and a Baptist pastor for over twenty years. He pastored previously for over ten years at a church in Scotland and for over twelve years here in Canada, where he resides, writes, and continues to minister. Archie has ministered in Britain, the U.S., China, and Canada. The passion of his ministry is “to let the Bible speak.”