Between You and Me:<br><small> A Book of Poetry</small>

Between You and Me:
A Book of Poetry

Cheryl Reid

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Within these pages of poetry, readers are given a unique glimpse into the covenant bond between Abba Father and beloved child, an intimate relationship developed over years of joys and sorrows. These words will bring comfort, encouragement and inspiration to all.

“This book brings comfort and challenge; it’s definitely a good read. These pages reflect a collection of intimate conversations between Cheryl and her own Great Author. You will see the depth of challenge, the significant gain of wisdom and the understanding of God’s personal relationship with her. As Cheryl shares the gift of poetry the Lord has clearly planted in her, you will see God’s light shine through her own journey.”

—Pam Sharp, Managing Partner, Bethesda Group

“Cheryl has written from her heart experiences on her life's journey. Her poems open up our hearts to the realities of what we are going through.. and give us thought-provoking words to meditate on and share with others... In the stillness of your day, these poems can bring you clarity, comfort and courage.”

—Debby McCulloch, Pastor, Barrie Victory Centre

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 8

Page Count: 120

About the Author:

Cheryl Reid grew up in Ontario, Canada, where she has been serving the Lord for over thirty-five years. Whether assisting her husband Ron, leading a cell group, or conveying the Blessing of the Fleet at their local yacht club, her main focus is to spread the love of Jesus to all those around her.