Bible Orientation, Volume 1: <br><small>Law & History: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children</small>

Bible Orientation, Volume 1:
Law & History: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children

Carole Pollard

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The Bible Orientation Series: Volume One

A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children

Welcome to Bible Orientation.

This curriculum:

  • teaches children to read the Bible themselves
  • includes a lesson for every Bible book
  • requires minimal preparation
  • is fun and interactive
  • is linear and flexible; move at your own pace
  • demands few materials, this book and a Bible for each student
  • includes an optional visual aid component
  • is suitable for Sunday School, Christian School and Home School
  • is ideal for grades 2-6

In this volume (Genesis-Esther) children get their bearings in the familiar stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses and Joseph. They discover God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and learn about God’s relationship with his people through their worship and God’s laws. Students run into villains and heroes like Gideon, Samson, Ruth and Elijah and meet kings and queens like David, Solomon and Esther.

Enjoy growing Bible-smart kids!

“If you are looking for a refreshing and enthused resource for Bible exploration, I highly recommend Bible Orientation. We implemented Bible Orientation as a teaching resource for our Sunday School—a blessing for children and teachers alike.”

—Belinda Knopf, Christian education chair (Grace Bible Church)

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