Bible Orientation, Volume 2:<br><small>Poetry & Major Prophets: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children</small>

Bible Orientation, Volume 2:
Poetry & Major Prophets: A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children

Carole Pollard

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The Bible Orientation Series: Volume Two

Welcome to Bible Orientation.

This curriculum:

  • teaches children to read the Bible themselves
  • includes a lesson for every Bible book
  • requires minimal preparation
  • is fun and interactive
  • is linear and flexible; move at your own pace
  • demands few materials, this book and a Bible for each student
  • includes an optional visual aid component
  • is suitable for Sunday School, Christian School and Home School
  • is ideal for grades 2-6

In this volume (Job-Daniel) children discover metaphors for God in the praise and prayers of the Psalms. They find Jesus in Isaiah. They replay Job’s conversations with his friends and measure their own thinking by the Proverbs. Pictionary and mime bring the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel to life. Then they meet teenaged Daniel, the dream teller, and follow him up to the king’s palace and down to the lion’s den.

Enjoy growing Bible-smart kids!

"Bible Orientation is an excellent home school curriculum. The best part is that the children are digging into God’s word."

— Melanie Bartel, Mom

"Although this curriculum was written for children, I found it to be very inspiring as an adult. I never before understood how amazingly the books of the Bible are connected. Bible Orientation reveals how God works and interacts with characters to show His grace, mercy, love, and instruction; then and now. It brought the Bible to life for me and I read it with renewed understanding and awe."

— Marcie Dyck, Nurse

"Bible Orientation involves kids through interactive activities and makes kids want to learn the Bible because it’s fun."

— Matt Murphy, Student age 12

"Filled with an array of genres, authors, writing styles and viewpoints, the Bible is a complex yet coherent, a vast storehouse of treasure. Bible Orientation gives students the tools needed to uncover for themselves the riches in God’s word. This essential resource engages students of all ages through activities that appeal to a range of learning styles."

— Janet Fondse, Teacher

"Bible Orientation is very good material. Well laid out, clear and easy to follow without much teacher prep."

— Dave and Natasha Schmidt, Parents

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