The Bond of Love:<br><small>Church Mouse Musings at Historic St. Peters</small>

The Bond of Love:
Church Mouse Musings at Historic St. Peters

Sandra Voelker

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Finley's Tale: Book Three

The Bond of Love, the third book in the Finley’s Tale series, completes Finley Newcastle’s journal of experiences involving church people and church mice. Highlighted are the state-sponsored Underground Railroad tours, the eye-opening discovery by the mice that Historic St. Peter’s is a “Lutheran” church, a sheep-stealing debacle, and umpteen other developments. At last, Finley says farewell to his journaling days, turning his attention to another goal on his bucket list.

Years later, his journal is rediscovered by a new generation of church mice who are riveted to learn of St. Pete’s past. Finley Newcastle becomes a hero in the mouse world, the only mouse who has picked up a pen and written a journal about the most important place on earth: Historic St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Oswald County.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 248

About the Author:

Sandra Voelker dubs herself as “a qualified church insider,” being both a pastor’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. Having lived many years in Minnesota, she currently resides and writes in Windsor, Ontario, where she is the organist (among many other things) at her church. She has four daughters and four grandchildren. Sandra holds tightly to her wishes, dreams, and a lifelong collection of happenings, heartaches, and humour, which are the meat, potatoes, and gravy of day-to-day church life.