A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer
Inspirational Prayer from the Bible

Jordanis Joseph

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Does God really answer all prayer? If the Lord decided not to answer your prayer the way you expected, would you continue to consider Him to be your God, worthy of your love, worship, and praise?

This book is more than a collection of prayers taken from different books of the Bible. It’s a fervent appeal for us to see prayer through the same eyes and spirit as those elders of the faith whose prayers attracted the attention of God.

A Call to Prayer is like the blowing of a shofar, calling people from around the world to gather together for prayer.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 136

About the Author:

After serving the Lord as an assistant pastor in Ottawa, Jordanis Joseph followed God’s will to coach young people and point them to the experience of the power of worship and a better understanding of the Word of God. He launched Divine Restoration House of Prayer, a space dedicated to prayer and intercession.

Under Joseph’s leadership, a contemporary music group was born, Joseph Family Praise and Worship, with the mission to communicate a message of hope and encouragement to all. He has also published many life-changing articles about Christian faith. In all this, his passion remains the ministry of prayer.