The Challenge before the Change

The Challenge before the Change
A Practical Approach to Overcoming the Hard Places in Life

Frampton Paul

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When the big challenges of life come our way, so often we get discouraged, shut down, and give up. Instead of feeling discouraged, we need to turn to the Bible for encouragement.

In this book, Frampton Paul takes the reader on an exploration of the famous story of Zacchaeus, the Jewish tax collector who limbed a sycamore tree in the midst of a busy crowd to get a better view of Jesus Christ, who was visiting Jericho during His years of ministry.

Like many of us today, Zacchaeus had a goal that he wanted to achieve, but to get to achieve it he first had to face down some big challenges. The good news is that challenges always come our way just before we experience our greatest moments of change. By drawing insights from this inspirational Bible story, Frampton Paul shows us the way to experience God’s best.

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About the Author:

Frampton Paul has not only found his calling, he’s passionate about it, too! He never hesitates to add value to the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. As a radio personality and communicator, Frampton delivers daily talks which inspire and empower many listeners. His weekly radio shows, RISE in the Morning and Be Opened, are hosted live on Truelife Radio. Connect with him on