Christmas Unwrapped:<br><small>11 Insights into the Deeper Meaning of the Season</small>

Christmas Unwrapped:
11 Insights into the Deeper Meaning of the Season

John W. Telman

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“John has deep insights and is able to link and draw meaning from events and dates like no one I’ve ever read. I love the fact that in this book he shows Jesus as a ruler, but not the kind of ruler from whom we must stay at arm’s length. A must-read for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on the greatest story ever told. Once you read this book, you will have no doubt who the greatest gift of all time is—Jesus.”
—Anita Cordell, Film and Commercial Actress

Christmas comes around every December, followed by the celebration of a New Year. We recycle the same songs. We cook and eat turkey. But what is Christmas? To answer that question, we would be wise to turn to the one who brought the event into being.

The one who is the subject of this book actually walked the dusty roads of the Middle East. Since his birth, he has impacted lives like no other. He has had more followers than anyone in history. He has been hated by many, and misunderstood by countless more, yet his teaching powerfully influences even the lives of those who don’t know him. His name is Jesus.

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About the Author:

John W. Telman

has served in the ministry for more than twenty-five years in Canada, Singapore, and the United States, where he currently pastors Hickory Grove Community Church in Ottumwa, Iowa. He has a master’s degree in Christian Studies from Providence Theological Seminary. Visit his website at