A Closer Walk:<br><small>A Couple's Inspiring True Story about Faith after Tragedy</small>

A Closer Walk:
A Couple's Inspiring True Story about Faith after Tragedy

Sharon Faber

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"The call disconnected, but I still held the receiver. I felt detached. This couldn’t really be happening. It must be a mistake. The realization washed over me that Ken was in trouble, but I never imagined how critical the situation was or the extent of how our lives would change."

What happens when life turns against you, when from complete darkness you cry, “Where is the light?” Where is hope when the pit of pain you’re in is deeper than your worst nightmare? Who do you turn to when you feel like you can’t take one step further?

Where is God in all this pain? Can we trust Him?

After her husband suffered catastrophic injuries on a construction site, Sharon had to face the reality that her life had changed and would never be the same again. By turning to God, and confronting the challenges in her own faith walk, she determined to face head-on a more difficult journey than any she had imagined for her young family.

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About the Author:

Sharon Faber writes from the heart, and her passion to help others grow closer to Christ is reflected in her writing. She has faithfully followed the Lord for over four decades, has shared her inspiring personal testimony on national television, and currently serves in the ministry. Sharon and her husband Ken have been married for thirty-two years. They live in Brampton, Ontario along with their two grown sons, James and John.