Closing the Floodgates:<br><small>Setting the Record Straight about Gender and Sexuality (Enhanced Edition)</small>

Closing the Floodgates:
Setting the Record Straight about Gender and Sexuality (Enhanced Edition)

A. E. Gillies Ph.D.

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"In Closing the Floodgates, psychotherapist Dr. Ann Gillies has written a blockbuster of a book exposing the biased, unscientific, and corrupt methods used to promote the sexual revolution of the last sixty years. In her powerful and compelling analysis, she shows how the truth of scientific fact has been overturned in the interest of pleasure and personal feelings, and how a determined minority is using social engineering to reconstruct our social and moral worlds by redefining gender, sexuality and the family. She draws an alarming picture of the consequences: identity confusion among the youth; sexual abuse and victimization of children; soaring rates of suicide and sexually transmitted diseases; the embedding of false, unhealthy, and immoral teaching in the school curriculum; and the loss of freedom of speech and parental rights. While a few readers may find the level of detailed academic content challenging at times, Dr. Gillies is able to make professional findings understandable and real for the average person. For all the necessary research and statistical reporting, this is a gut-level book. In a time of culture wars, when the truth about gender and sexuality is under attack, this book sets the record straight. It issues a rallying cry to parents and others concerned for the future of the family and western society to be informed and take action before it is too late."
—Dr. George R. Slater
author of Along Comes God and Bringing Dreams to Life

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About the Author:

A. E. (Anne) Gillies and her husband, Bob, have a blended family of six adult children, and are the proud grandparents of nine beautiful grandchildren. Professionally, Dr. Gillies has trained jointly in psychology and theology, with a primary therapeutic focus on survivors of Complex Trauma. She is an ordained pastor, former adjunct professor, psychotherapist, and author. Ann is also a chaplain coordinator with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team in Canada, leading chaplaincy teams into places of disaster and teaching “Sharing Hope in Crisis” courses. Ann is a gifted speaker and presents an extensive range of workshops, seminars, and conferences.