Cold Showers Are Cheaper Than A Divorce

Cold Showers Are Cheaper Than A Divorce

Dr. Harrison Mungal

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Cold Showers Are Cheaper than a Divorce will help individuals and couples see the big picture in any relationship, helping you to reflect on some major areas of contention that can affect their future together. Since the major cause of divorce revolves around sex, sex needs to be addressed in order to maintain a healthy relationship. The author has devoted several chapters to discussing the need for sex in a healthy relationship. Many chapters are based on questions and concerns brought up in his marriage seminars or clinical counselling therapy sessions.

This book targets men in particular, but women will benefit from reading it too. The author encourages every man and woman to read this book to help them arrive at a better understanding of themselves and the person they decide to share their life with. It addresses the elephant in the room with facts and life stories from couples whom the author supports

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Page Count: 138

About the Author:

Dr. Mungal and his wife, Kathleen, have been married since 1990. They have counselled individuals and couples specifically on topics relating to infidelity and sex. They have brought many marriages and relationships back together. With a background in psychology and psychiatry, Dr. Mungal targets causes, effects, and solutions to create healthy relationships.