Concerning God:<br><small>With Common Sense as Their Guide, a Preacher and a Student Search for the Truth</small>

Concerning God:
With Common Sense as Their Guide, a Preacher and a Student Search for the Truth

Michael Mendler

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Word Alive Press 2012 Free Publishing Contest Winner (Non-Fiction).

Brought together by a chance meeting in a crowded plaza, a fatherless university student and an aging preacher set out on a journey to engage the most elusive and challenging question of all: “What is the truth about God, and where can it be found?” What begins as a journey of the mind, however, soon evolves into a journey of the heart as each finds unexpected healing in their unlikely, occasionally adversarial friendship.

Concerning God represents a sound, reasonable approach to one of the world’s most controversial subjects. In these pages, the core concepts of Christianity are examined and reviewed in the light of “signposts” which, taken together, point to the truth.

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Page Count: 204

About the Author:

Formerly an agnostic, Michael became a Christian after carefully investigating the Christian faith and the claims of Christ as a university undergrad. Following the completion of a Master of Arts degree, Michael was ordained and served as Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor for twelve years at Windsor Christian Fellowship.

Michael’s passion is to help others understand and experience the transforming power of the truth as revealed in the person of Jesus and the teaching of Scripture. He resides in Windsor, Ontario with his wife Helena and three children—Zoe, Zachary, and Hope.