Crayons, Crumbs, and Christian Growth

Crayons, Crumbs, and Christian Growth:
Encouragement for the Highs and Lows of Parenthood

Christie Amoyo

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Parenting children is a wonderful blessing that comes with great challenges. As you navigate the waters of parenthood, it can be easy to feel disconnected from life and your faith. You may think you are alone on this journey, and you may be frustrated trying to meet the demands all around you.

But these years can be the greatest of your life—years in which God shows you how real He is, how faith actually works, and how you can enjoy the blessings He’s given you. In Crayons, Crumbs, and Christian Growth, Christie shares about how the trials and treasures of parenting her own children has taught her so much about who God is.

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Page Count: 80

About the Author:

Christie Amoyo is a wife, entrepreneur, author, and mother of four children. She has served in ministry for more than fifteen years, including women’s, youth, children’s, administration, worship, and pastoral. She and her husband Danrey have a heart for bringing encouragement through faith, which has resulted in the launching of Today’s Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, along with other outreach programs.