A Day for Family:<br><small>Ian and Grandma Visit Great-Grandma!</small>

A Day for Family:
Ian and Grandma Visit Great-Grandma!

Rachelle C. Bourassa

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“It’s God who puts us in our family, and He really knows what He’s doing,” Grandma Terwilliger said to Ian.

Ian is a sweet, kind-hearted boy who brings joy to everyone around him. He loves to spend time with Grandma and going to visit Great-Grandma with her. One day as they go to visit her, he learns how important it is to be kind and polite to everyone around him and how special it is to belong to a family.

A Day for Family will encourage children to appreciate, care for, spend time with, and honour their families and encourage parents and grandparents to help children understand how special and important it is to have family and to belong. God puts families together for a reason!

Softcover Trim Size: 8.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 28

About the Author:

Rachelle C. Bourassa worked as a small-town church secretary for over eight years and spent much of her time helping people in every area of their lives. She has been married for more than thirty years to a wonderful man of integrity and steadfastness in the Lord. They have two grown daughters and two wonderful grandsons. Rachelle also writes for grownups, and is the author of A Pocketbook of Encouragement.