Do You Get It?:<br><small>A Journey of a New Mom with Brain Cancer</small>

Do You Get It?:
A Journey of a New Mom with Brain Cancer

Lin-Pei De Souza

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Any expectant parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle can attest to the joy and excitement of first learning that a new arrival will soon be in their lives. But what happens when this excitement does a 180-degree turn a month before the baby’s due date? In Do You Get It?, a new mother and cancer survivor, Lin-Pei, shares her personal roller-coaster journey of healing and self-awareness. See how physical, spiritual, mental, social and psychological factors turn an unforeseen misfortune of dealing with a pre-term baby and a terminal cancer diagnosis, into a rewarding life worth living.

This book offers a unique insight to those who have faced or know someone who is facing life-changing encounters, providing perspective and appreciation of the shock, struggle and pain of having multiple adverse events occur together.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 208

About the Author:

Lin-Pei’s first novel, Do You Get It? was an honourable mention in the Word Alive Press “Women’s Journey of Faith” 2016 contest. She enjoys travelling, learning new cultures, art and photography.