Draw Near:<br>Thirty Devotions of Hope for Moms<small>

Draw Near:
Thirty Devotions of Hope for Moms

Laurie Pauls & Laura Laskowski

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If you're finding life challenging as a mom, this devotional will help you draw near to God - and as you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. This is where transformation of the heart happens and where hope, peace, and joy begin to grow.

"I am so grateful as a mama with young children for the truth and comfort that flows from this devotional. Laurie Pauls and Laura Laskowski, what you have done through these pages, courageously sharing glimpses of your own personal motherhood moments, is uniquely beautiful. Draw Near takes you on a sacred journey, revealing the joys and sorrows of a mother’s love and ultimately leaving your soul refreshed with steadfast hope grounded in Jesus and His Word. Reading this devotional has significantly impacted and inspired me to see, in fresh ways, how God is refining my heart through the gift of being a mother to my sweet girls and seeing that my strength comes when I draw near."

—Ruth Anne Durance, mother of two little girls

"Laurie and Laura share their motherhood journeys from hearts that have been transformed by God’s love. Their personal stories, refreshing honesty, and insight bring hope and encouragement to others. I have watched God use them in our community and it’s so exciting to know that many more will have the opportunity to be encouraged and blessed through this book. I’m sure this is only the beginning for Laurie and Laura!"

—Maureen Brown, mother of three children by birth and three by marriage, grandmother of three boys,Family Ministry Pastor, Forest Grove Community Church

"Wonder–full! Draw Near introduces Laura and Laurie, two moms who are real in their honesty, unassuming in their wisdom, and deep in their awareness of God’s presence in the laundry and logistics of a mother’s life. Their simple yet poignant reflections will reorient you into the wonder and awe of who God is and His attentiveness amid the complex emotions of motherhood. Let yourself laugh, then linger with these nourishing words from two newfound companions on your faith journey."

—Leanne Schellenberg, mother of two teenagers, Spiritual Formation Practitioner

"The spirit-filled devotionals are equally applicable to both men and women. They were a source of blessing and encouragement to us."

—Clarence and Elaine Koop, parents of two adult sons and their wives, grandparents of three

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 7

Page Count: 98

About the Authors:

Laurie Pauls: Marriage and motherhood have brought me to the end of myself and ended my attempts at control. In submission to God, I have received the gift of life and now I want to share that gift with you.

Laura Laskowski: Marriage and motherhood have been God’s greatest refining tools in my life. Through my days of falling short and feeling incapable, God offers me grace, strength, and His wonderful hope to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I pray you can experience that, too.