Embrace:<br><small> Clinging to Christ Through the Pain of Pregnancy Loss</small>

Clinging to Christ Through the Pain of Pregnancy Loss

Liz Mannegren

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2019 Women's Journey of Faith Contest Winner.

One in four pregnancies end in loss.But there is hope.

Embrace invites us to explore the grief surrounding pregnancy loss. Sharing her own painful experiences, Liz Mannegren gently creates an open and honest discussion about the mess and heartache such devastation creates. As we allow Christ to redeem each uncomfortable ounce of this journey, we find freedom and hope. Each chapter ends with a series of journaling prompts that encourage reflection, gratitude, and healing.

As we gather together around this table of loss, there is communion and strength to be found in our shared heartbreak. Drawing from the unique testimonies of mothers who have experienced miscarriage, infertility, recurrent loss, multiple loss, and stillbirth, Embrace challenges the lie that whispers, “You’re alone in your grief” and instead proclaims “You are loved and worthy.”



"This is a breathtaking tool that will help mothers towards healing after pregnancy loss. Liz Mannegren writes with honesty, poignancy, and vulnerability. Not only is she transparent about her own experiences, but she guides readers in unpacking their own grief, creating a safe space to write their own stories. This book is a powerful guided journey of faith, hope, and healing."

—Stefanie Tong
Author of Chasing Light

"Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience that can leave women feeling hopeless. In Embrace: Clinging to Christ through the Pain of Pregnancy Loss, Liz Mannegren demonstrates how sharing personal stories and biblical truth give hope to a bereaved mother’s hurting heart. Her words both validate grief and place value on the life that was lost. A must-read for any mother who has felt buried by the weight of pregnancy loss."

—Jenny Albers
Blogger at A Beautifully Burdened Life

"Liz Mannegren has sought to minister to grieving mothers in a way that is incredibly rare. She walks with you through the deep pain of loss while at the same time applying the eternal hope of the gospel to those wounds. I hope many mothers are encouraged to draw nearer still to their Saviour through this wonderful resource."

—Lexi Zuo
Loss Mom

"Even though pain and grief are not one-size-fits-all, they are a universal part of human existence. When we’re willing to truly hear each other’s stories without feeling like we need to say ‘I know exactly how you feel,’ we find our own grief softened, and from that comfort we comfort others. Liz Mannegren beautifully tells these stories in a way that brings hope even through heartache and honours the memories of those who are missed. "

—Trisha Aristizaba

"Liz Mannegren’s compassionately written book, Embrace, is a soothing balm to the soul of every Momma who has experienced the devastating loss of a pregnancy. With grace and welcoming arms, she and her beautiful contributors share their stories of heartache, grief, survival, and ultimately redemption as they each travel their grief journeys. As readers, we feel a strong connection to them and the hope that comes with knowing we’re not walking this path alone.
“Each chapter builds solidly upon the previous one and strengthens our resolve to find our peace and acceptance through our bond with Christ. The brilliant journaling prompts that follow enable us to delve into our experiences and come away with newly acquired enlightenment.
“Liz Mannegren, through her own story of loss, has gifted us with a treasured book of blessings."

—Lisa Leshaw
Author of How Are You Feeling, Momma?

"Embrace is a beautiful read. Throughout the pages of this book, Liz Mannegren shares her own infant-loss journey, points readers to the hope they have in Christ, and provides journaling prompts to encourage mothers to write about their loss. A must-read for anyone dealing with the incredible pain of losing their baby."

—Kendra Plett
Labour & Delivery Nurse

"With tears rolling down my cheeks, I read this book and felt so loved, understood, and validated in the broken emotions I experienced grieving the child we lost to miscarriage. Whether you lost your child at four weeks or to a stillbirth, whether you lost your child twenty years ago or yesterday, you’ll feel comforted to know that the way you’re grieving is acceptable. This book is covered in truths from Jesus to help grow your spiritual faith and feel God’s presence as you deal with painful memories hidden in your heart."

—Kaleigh Christensen
Blogger at Messy Footprints

"As a loss mom who has recently walked through three miscarriages of my own, I found this book to be a key tool in helping me understand how to process grief through its different stages and with different people. Liz Mannegren’s transparency and heart will touch many lives and give women a place to start after loss. As a birth and bereavement doula, I will be adding this book to my doula bag and recommending it to the families I support through their grief."

—Ashleigh Beaver
Birth and Bereavement Doula

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Page Count: 192

About the Author:

As a writer and blogger, Liz Mannegren is passionate about finding beauty within the everyday mess. After a stillbirth and four miscarriages, she has a heart for faith-driven discussions about grief and motherhood. Liz resides in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two children.
To follow along with Liz’s journey, check out her blog at www.mommymannegren.com.