The First and the Last:<br><small>A Study in Eschatology</small>

The First and the Last:
A Study in Eschatology

Lynda Flett

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Have you ever wondered why catastrophic events are happening in the world today? Have you ever worried about the future? This book will explain, from a biblical perspective, why things are the way they are.

This study will guide you from the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, to the end of the Old Testament period. It will then usher you into the New Testament period and the events which occurred during the time when Jesus Christ walked the face of the earth. The book also explains the apostolic period after Jesus was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended into heaven.

Finally, this book will provide a clear understanding of end-time events. Readers will be given answers based on biblical revelations with supporting scripture.

"Lynda Flett has prepared an excellent biblical overview of end-time events. She is to be commended for her work. It will immensely benefit anyone well-versed in eschatology as well as the newest student in the field."

—Jim Barber, Host and speaker, Faith To Live By/Hearts To Believe Radio

"Since 1947, the doomsday clock has tracked humanity’s movement toward extinction. Looking at political, technological, climatic, and nuclear realities, the doomsday clock for 2020 was set to one hundred seconds to midnight. Lynda Flett echoes the dire warnings from a dispensational, futurist point of view. She shows the nearing of midnight in the advance of Israel, the third temple, and the hope and joy for believers in the coming rapture of the church."

—Rev. Lawrence VanBeek, D.Th., Registrar, Aurora College

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Page Count: 160

About the Author:

Lynda Flett is an indigenous author who was born on the Fisher River First Nation in Manitoba. She currently resides in Winnipeg with her husband Alfred, who is an international evangelist. They have travelled the globe together, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout North America, South America, Asia, and Russia. She has a married daughter and two grandchildren. After Lynda retired from the workforce, she began to study prophecy at great length, which has resulted in this book.