Footprints on the Sands of Time

Footprints on the Sands of Time

Nicholas Archer

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Time is like sand, innumerable, yet we all leave footprints on that sand, some more heavily than others. This collection of short stories chronicles eight footprints left across the span of time, from the prehistoric tale of the primordial Adam and Eve to the long-lost expedition of a colony ship, from the unexplainable end of the pre-classical Mayans to the future exploration of structures on Titan, of a man out of time and a God beyond it, or a Martian whose conscience remembers it for him.

These tales of unique possibilities are designed to make you think or encourage your faith.

Softcover Trim Size: 5 x 8

Page Count: 74

About the Author:

Nicholas Archer is a phlebotomist and short story writer who lives in Brantford, Ontario. He’s always had a love of reading and making up stories, but only in the past few years has he written them down. He became a phlebotomist because he is a lifelong enthusiast of history and science (especially fringe science), and he hopes to use writing as a stepping stone into scientific fields like archaeology. Having decided to pursue a career in writing and politics, he is a member of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada and the None of the Above Party of Ontario. He is fascinated by stories that take obsolete or fringe hypotheses and present them from a Christian perspective.