Andy Borger

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The Meyer Family Series: 3

A sequel to The Gentle Ruler, the story continues after Fred’s devastating loss of his wife. As Fred puts his life back together, a woman approaches him about becoming the CEO of her company, a conglomerate of twenty plastic factories. But Fred slowly begins to realize that this woman had a secondary reason to name him CEO—she also wants him as her husband.

Fred sees her as an intelligent and good-looking woman, but will he be able to live with her knowing that they can’t share his own faith commitment to the Lord? Through a long and challenging struggle, he comes to an unexpected solution.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 248

About the Author:

Andy Borger was born in the Netherlands in 1936. As a teenager, he worked on a dairy farm before immigrating to Canada with his wife Daly in 1957. He obtained his B.A. in 1964 from Calvin College and began an eighteen-year career as a teacher and principal of Christian elementary schools. In the 1980s, he changed occupations to become a quality assurance manager.

He is a father of five and grandfather of eight. Shortly after his wife passed away, he retired. He now enjoys writing and gardening. Andy first published Poetry from the Heart, a book of faith-filled poems. In 2011, his first novel, The Crooked Road, was published, followed by its sequel, The Dam Breaks. Presently he is working on The Meyer Series. Friedrich and The Gentle Ruler have already been published.