God Lives in Detroit:<br><small> and Vacations in Other Places</small>

God Lives in Detroit:
and Vacations in Other Places

M.A.K. Moran

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There are times and circumstances that generate a pain so deep that even the most seasoned believer can feel separated from God—a pit so consuming and dark that the thought of finding Him again, and feeling His touch, seems impossible.

I know that place... the forsaken zone. The place where time stands still and the plan for our lives seems muffled and nearly wiped out. In that despair, God gave me His address, so I would be able to come to the place where He lives and open the door to His heart... and my future.

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Page Count: 138

Also available in Spanish.

About the Author:

M.A.K. (Mary Anne) Moran lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She has three married daughters and five perfect grandchildren. Mary Anne is an avid writer and speaker, who for more than two and a half decades has held executive positions in the natural health industry for such companies as GNC and Beverly Hills Weight Loss Clinics, and served as Canadian Director of Education and Communication for Garden of Life Inc. Her warm personality, sense of humour, and practical approach to life, along with her talent for engaging an audience, make her a sought-after speaker.