Hand Down, Man Down

Hand Down, Man Down:
Faith and Focus on the Courts of Life

Fadi Jolag

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Nobody is exempt from struggles and challenges in life. To mature and grow personally and in our faith, we need to embrace difficult circumstances and situations, viewing them as opportunities to witness God’s unending faithfulness and love.

In the game of basketball, players struggle with anxiety, tough competition, and physical and psychological challenges. Ultimately, however, the value of the game isn’t determined by who wins or loses, but by how much players grow from the challenges they face. When you put your heart and soul into each play, you can’t help but be a winner!

Life is no different. When storms arise and we feel that God has forgotten about us, we need to stick to our faith and believe that He will finish what He started. These struggles test and strengthen our faith, and when we put our hearts and souls into serving our great God, we will be victorious! We need to face everything head on and lean on Christ to guide us in the path that He has created for us.

A powerful use of a great sport as an analogy for the Christian life, Hand Down, Man Down will inspire readers of all ages.

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Page Count: 64

About the Author:

Fadi Jolag was born in 1989 in Kuwait and moved to Canada with his family in 1998. Growing up, he was an all-round athlete who played and watched almost every sport. Upon finishing high school, his goal was to play professional basketball; however, he recognized that his calling in life was bigger than the game. He decided to study and become a high school teacher so that he could be involved with the younger generation.

Fadi majored in Religious Studies and minored in Philosophy at York University. In 2013 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Hons., and in 2014 he earned his Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. Fadi is currently a high school teacher and basketball coach, and he also speaks at youth organizations to help young boys and girls understand the importance of a good education and purposeful life.