He Walks with Me through the Mists of Time:<br><small>His Love Inspiring My Heart to Rhyme</small>

He Walks with Me through the Mists of Time:
His Love Inspiring My Heart to Rhyme

Bob McCluskey

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The Poetry of Bob McCluskey, Book Two

Since my beautiful salvation experience at fifty years of age, I commenced the Christian part of my career in the province of my birth, Ontario, Canada, where I enjoyed a five-year stint with 100 Huntley Street as head of the Security Counselling Department and where I was also blessed to attend and sit on the board of an Elim Fellowship Church, Faith Temple in downtown Toronto. Faith Temple was pastored by an outstanding man of God, Dr. Winston Nunes, who over his long career with The Assemblies Of God and with The Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada and finally with Elim Fellowship became very well known and respected as both an evangelist and as an outstanding Bible teacher. Some of my poetry is based on teachings in his only published book, Driven by The Spirit. Allow me here to share a testimony to God's faithful guidance and direction when we commit our lives to Him. When God wonderfully rescued me from my lost condition, I was almost fifty years of age and about to lose my marriage of twenty-one years. Thankfully, God restored my marriage, which lasted until my first wife's death thirty-two years later in 2008. My association with Dr. Nunes followed, and as a church we released him annually on a speaking tour of churches all through western Canada and the United States. On a speaking engagement in 1978 at a Vancouver church called Glad Tidings, a very happily married fifty-three-year-old English mother of six was catapulted to the altar in response to Dr. Nunes invitation for salvation. To sum up, Dr. Nunes, my pastor in Toronto, Ont., was the instrument God used when he preached in Vancouver, B.C., to wonderfully save the woman who, forty years later and widowed, would become my wife, Mrs. Agnes Mary McCluskey. Is God good or what! These dates and times are closely approximate, my age and all that eh!

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About the Author:

Bob McCluskey was born in Toronto, Ontario and spent his childhood growing up in the depression years. Bob moved to British Columbia with his first wife, Margaret, to be closer to their two married daughters and their families. Margaret and Bob were married for fifty-four years, and she passed away in 2008. Bob met his new bride, Agnes Mary, in 2010 and his poetry has manifested itself since that time!