I Learned It through the Grapevine

I Learned It through the Grapevine:
Wisdom Comes in Bunches

Todd Soltysiak

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2019 Word Award Winner for Christian Non-fiction - Inspirational

When city boy turned country gent Todd Soltysiak planted a vineyard on his new rural property, he began to learn the secrets of how to care for vines. Over the course of fifteen growing seasons, he gradually came to understand the meaning of Jesus Christ’s final lesson to the disciples: “I am the vine and you are the branches.”

With a deep love for Jesus, and through personal observations and often humorous stories, this simple grape farmer has shared the truths he’s unearthed to help us better understand how God works in the world—for God is crafting us into kingdom fruit-bearers in preparation for the spiritual harvest to come.

In I Learned It through the Grapevine, Todd draws parallels between his real-world experience in the vineyard and the truths of Scripture. The story is actually three books in one, with in-depth discussions of Jesus’s final parable, a study guide to help readers uncover their role as Christians in the world, and practical tips for building and maintaining a fruitful vineyard.

Softcover Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 144

About the Author:

Todd Soltysiak is a Christ-following grape farmer hobbyist from Caledon, Ontario. He planted his vineyard fifteen years ago and now shares his journey of discovery about the vineyard’s secrets as they pertain to our need to cling to the Christian faith in a broken world.