In the Beginning

In the Beginning
Church Mouse Musings at Historic St. Peter's

Sandra Voelker

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Finley's Tale: Book One

In the Beginning, the first book in the Finley’s Tale series sets in motion the journal of Finley Newcastle, a literate church mouse who writes his observations of the people (and mice) who populate a small-town church. Keen to monitor, study, and write about the parishioners and his fellow mice, including what others might think of them, Finley is unaware that his account may prove comical to human readers.

Although English is Finley’s second language—his native tongue is Mouse—his persistent recordings are fervent and heartfelt, never lackadaisical. At the end of each entry, he records the treats and gourmet crumbs he and his wife Ruby enjoy.

In his itsy-bitsy handwriting, Finley’s ambition is to record one full liturgical church year at Historic St. Peter’s. Most journal entries introduce new people, mice, and situations, capturing a colourful rainbow of characters.

His favourite humans are Pastor Clement Osterhagen, his wife Aia, and their daughter Gretchen who reside in the parsonage. They are merciful, quiet, quick to forgive, prone to worry, adventuresome, big-hearted, and extra good-looking. Finley’s observations lead him to conclude that they possess a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

Softcover Trim Size: 6 x 9

Page Count: 216

About the Author:

Sandra Voelker is a qualified church “insider,” being both a pastor’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. Born in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, she currently resides and writes at the parsonage in Windsor, Ontario where she is both a church administrative assistant and organist. A mother of four daughters, and grandmother of three, she holds tight to her wishes and dreams, but also to a lifelong collection of church humour regarding the happenings, stories, and events which are the meat and potatoes in day-to-day church life.