Jeremiah, a Devotional Commentary:<br><small>An Inspirational Guide through Troubled Times</small>

Jeremiah, a Devotional Commentary:
An Inspirational Guide through Troubled Times

Tom Birch

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Nobody wants to be Jeremiah, who lived through God’s judgement on his culture. But looking at our own culture today, we may have more in common with Jeremiah than we’d like. How do we stand for righteousness and still relate to an ungodly world? In the stories of Jeremiah’s life and times, we see God’s reckless love and offer of forgiveness. They are stories of hope for our day and encouragement for our lives.

Jeremiah survived attacks on his life. He endured war and famine. He stood against kings who would have killed him. He suffered depression, but in spite of it, he thrived and found his satisfaction in the living God. He was a tutor to kings and prophets. He was a messenger for God. He was a friend to any who would accept him. Jeremiah is both a powerful inspiration and a gentle encouragement that God’s plan for us is to give us a hope and a future, regardless of our past.

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About the Author:

Tom Birch graduated from Northwest Bible College and Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology. He served for a short time with Wycliffe Bible Translators and is an avid supporter of their work.

His passion is to see God inspire mature believers into relationship with the next generation so that we can call the church back to holiness as an army for God, ministering His mercy to a hurting world.