Jeremy, Jesus & The Beatles

Jeremy, Jesus & The Beatles

Jeremy Woodley

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Jeremy, Jesus and the Beatles seeks to inspire those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction—any addiction, for that matter. This book shows that it is possible to overcome addictions and go on to lead a productive life. If you’ve had a bad start in life, know that you don’t need to be stuck there, trapped by demons of the past. There’s help out there. There’s a loving God who wants to set you free.

Music, faith, and hope were the keys to Jeremy getting sober, and staying sober, for the last eighteen years. Not only has he gone on to start a business and help people with developmental issues, he has also had the opportunity to meet many of his heroes. Through his recovery, he was also able to restore his relationships with his dad and other members of his family. Through God, he has been able to forgive and find a powerful inner peace.

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Page Count: 136

About the Author:

Jeremy Woodley came from a broken home and struggled for a decade with alcohol and drug addiction. As part of his recovery journey, he moved away from his hometown of Brantford, Ontario and moved to Owen Sound, on the shores of Lake Huron. Although he is single and has no children, his life has been anything but dull. This is his first book, although he hopes to writes a few more books in the future.